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Perfect Sunday in Ibiza for Lads|Millionaires

Last Sunday ClubCat spent in Sa Trinxa… This time, let’s see what’s the perfect Sunday for a different crowd. LADS & BIRDS Yes! Finally, the time has come… The time to be christened by the fountains of alcohol, puke and tears. San Antonio, here we come! All those years saving for the one and ultimate

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The Ultimate Closing Parties Guide For Beginners

Listen… Music Lover. Party Lover. Dance Lover. Love Lover. Ibiza has it all. And Ibiza loves you all. ClubCat is a music lover. Ibiza season is slowly drifting to the end… For some, it’s sad news and for some is a blessing in disguise. Either way, make sure you have a blast during that month

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Clubs | E’s | VIP’s

This kitty is tired of London summer. And decided to move… To Ibiza! The first time I step my paw on the White Isle was four years ago. Didn’t have any clue, to be honest, what I got myself into. Straight from the airport to DC10… At around midnight. Grand opening. Imagine! No space to

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