Spirit Festival Atzaro|Ibiza

A Celebration Of Life

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The summer season is still on, but you can feel the vibes changing, compared to the hot and crazy July and August. For the ones who spent here all the season, you probably feel the outcomes of the heavy partying and hectic lifestyle. Clubbers count the last few blasts and Ibiza is slowly getting ready for the winter season. However, it doesn’t mean the island is preparing for the winter sleep. Truly, this island never sleeps.

20108488_1640618615963012_4106674167060037967_nFor some, it is the most exciting time of the year! Everyone knows that Ibiza is not only about parties: beautiful beaches, spiritual activity and is full of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. During the peak of the summer, you can still find people celebrating life in a different way than the ravers… But usually they are hiding, and you need to know how to find them.  One of the places is Casa Ibango, organizing   weekly gatherings where drums unite souls, also, gong meditations and many more interesting events. You can read all about it in the article here: https://clubcatsite.com/2017/09/15/ibango-onuag/


If you are one of those travelers that decided to jump on the last leaving train to Ibiza, or if you loved it so much, you decided to stay… Spirit Festival, taking place @ beautiful Atzaro on 1st of October, Sunday, is a place you want to be: a place, celebrating the Spirit of Ibiza in Dance, Consciousness & Love.


What is Atzaro?

Atzaro complex is situated in the inland, the heart of Ibiza, secluded from everything, which allows to create its own unique atmosphere. The blossomed venue (metaphorically and literally) offers accommodation, food, spa treatments, events and exhibitions. The cherished garden area with swimming pool, surrounded by the bright green grass fields and olive trees, is accessible for everyone turning up without any booking. For a certain price, you can hide from the intense Spain sun and hot sand in this beautiful oasis of harmony. You can also grab a healthy lunch or dinner in the venues’ restaurant La Veranda.

Atzaró also hosts cultural events throughout summer and winter, drawing islanders and tourists inland for fashion shows, art exhibitions, live music, DJs, after-parties, yoga sessions and spiritual activities, for the hippie in you.


The Philosophy of Spirit Festival 


Our spirit is the true foundation of our own being. Its transcendence goes as far as the history of the universe itself. It doesn’t know the concept of time or space. Without acknowledging its existence, people fall asleep and stop noticing their humanly lives passing by. It’s time to be awakened.

Numerous practices awaken the mind and nurture the soul. Yoga’s asanas open up and balance our chakras, resulting in taking control of your emotions and body.

Meditation is an essential everyday practice, calming down the mind and allowing to reach the ultimate concentration into being present.

Music and dance is even more popular ways of self-expression and the inner-self release into the world. Together with thse practises, the holistic festival programma spans Tantra, workshops and talks, a chill-out zone, music therapists, birthing woman, oracle readers, special events and a fabulous children’s area.


The aim of the festival is to gather the people that searches for alternative ways of living and being. As a transformed community we are irresistible!

See and feel the energy that each one of us radiate. More importantly – see all the energies creating a map that connects the world, together. The connection is love.

Yes. These very deep hippie thingies, you might think, whilst reading this article. The truth is, as long as it’s only on your screens, it is nothing but words and good intentions. Feelings are to be felt, not understood.

You can find the programme of the festival here.


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