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Casa Ibango is based just behind the legendary club Amnesia. It is open to everyone but only the chosen ones happen to know about it and its activity. However, it is much more than just a place.

The name Ibango itself stands for the combination of words – Ibiza/ Bang & Go. Clever, right?
But what Ibango really stands for is… Music…Love…Joy…Peace…Freedom & Happiness. Oh, and no alcohol policy! That is because people there are only interested interacting with your true self. With your soul.11960040_1042841772407369_5104519489950062150_n

The Soul is the purest part of a human being and it can thrive only in the unity with the others. That is what Ibango is all about, not just power but a rhythmic beat – always a team playing together.


It is a unique opportunity to experience it every Tuesday @Ibango Gatherings starting at 6pm until midnight, where everyone is welcome. Hippies, ravers and families with children unite. One heart, one rhythm and one aim… to relax, connect with like-minded people and meditate in front of a soothing fire flame. Nothing is rehearsed – follow only the rythinm f your heart.

ONUAG is one nation under a groove. SO, Ibango is not only a home. It’s a one nation under a groove.


12341185_1095053273852885_4152711435770357512_nSometimes it takes only one person to start something beautiful and turn it into a community.

Trace Harris had a rich history back in London, being a promoter and one of the most  influential people in the underground scene, organizing big events, getting involved in major projects in over 28 countries… Not to mention his solid 30-year love affair playing percussion. But when the passion loses its beauty, it is time for a change. 13895340_1264160413608836_7903051817459293150_n

Listen to this :
“Working on The London 2012 Olympics was a huge turning Point in my Life, it gave me back my freedom & Independence, 3 years before a trusted Friend & Business partner had viciously stabbed me in the back (conned & shafted me) it cost me & my partner “our home & freedom (But not for long) The Olympics came to London & I was trusted with the Huge responsibility to provide pretty much everything you see in this Amateur Video , It tested me on every level, the amazing lady I worked for will always be in my heart, I was offered to do the same in Rio (Brazil) for the next 2 Major world events World Cup/Olympics (just gone) I Said NO Thank you.” – Trace opened up about his experience in London. ClubCat feels you, Trace!

A lot of people can relate. Making the choise between the money and the unknown of love is one of the most difficult decisions in life. But not many are brave enough to actually get out of the mechanism that society dictates us and follow the heart.

Do not get fooled. Leaving everything behind and moving here on the Magic Island can easily become a nightaimre. As Trace says, unless you reach your own personal peace and balance, Ibiza will spit you out and you will crash.


Yes, Sometimes it takes only one person to start something beautiful and turn it into a community. Sometimes… There is a few different types of love. Like AGAPE, the purest form of love, transcending the human world. However, the love between a man and a woman is as much powerful as the universe itself.

The beautiful Casa Ibango has been built by Trace and Sylvia Stuf and they’ve created their own paradise. And we are lucky enough that they share it with other people, too.

What’s On

ClubCat personally experienced their running B&B (Bed and Bongos)! It’s one of the most unique experiences on the island! Having a chance to stay in an hand-build cozy teepees is something… extraordinary! All the amenities are inside the house, kitchen shower and the lounge… Everyone is super friendly and interesting personalities, plus hammocks and mornings meditations are definitely not a distraction…


Every Tuesday having Ibango Gathering from &PM till midnight. No Alcohol, beautiful vegan food prepared by Sylvia. All Welcome! There’s a bongo for everyone who feels brave enough to join the rhythm of drums and the souls.





Ibango activity includes Gongo Meditations every Saturday @8PM with gong master Konstantin Jagoulis.



Next event is this coming Sunday 17th of September it’s a concert ‘Playing for Change’

It’s a free music festival from noon until midnight… Charity event supporting the Playing for Change Foundation www.playingforchange.org 

RSVP here

As mentioned before, Ibango activity stretches out much further than bed and bongo experience. Participating in various private and public events, showing up in magazines and even Made in Chelsea… It’s spreading it’s love and originality without wanting anything in return besides love and generosity. Their performance includes talented musicians, poets and DJs. Tour can read about all the activity right here.





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